Recording, Mixing & Mastering Studio

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Showplace Recording Studio is well known for over 20 years for showcasing national recording acts, celebrates the 18th year of Showplace Studios, a 48 track state-of-the-art recording studio. The Showplace Studios features an Protools HD3 with 24 inputs and 48 outputs. The studio was the first in the metropolitan area to install the automated 56 Channel Amek Mozart console fitted with all Rupert Neve modules.

Our huge studio area can accommodate large recording groups and provides numerous acoustical treatments, while the spacious control room is equipped with a large array of vintage equipment. Showplace Studios features one of the largest collections of vintage and modern equipment in the world. For more details check the equipment list located to on the right side of this page.

The vocal/voice over booth provides perfect sound for ad copy or voice recordings.

Recording Studio Services include:

  • ProTools HD3 w/Sync I/O
  • 24/48 Track Analog Recording
  • Automated Mixdown
  • Voice Overs for Radio and TV
  • Mastering
  • Sound Effects for Film
  • Audio to Video Synchronization
  • In house Musicians, Arrangers, and Producers
  • Internet Mixing & Mastering
  • Archiving & Restoration Transfers
  • Corporate Production Packages
  • Hourly and Block Rates
  • Experienced Staff
  • Limo Service Available

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