Recording, Mixing & Mastering Studio


Showplace Recording Studio in Dover, New Jersey, is recognized as one of the best professional recording studios on the East Coast. Housing the most extensive collection of analogue and state-of -the-art digital gear, Showplace Recording Studio has earned a reputation as being a world-class recording studio.

For over 25 years, Showplace Recording Studio has recorded national and international recording artists and has recorded hundreds of albums across all genres of music. Our recording studio features a 48 track state-of-the-art recording studio with Protools HD3 with 24 inputs and 48 outputs. The studio was the first in the metropolitan area to install the automated 56 Channel Amek Mozart console fitted with all Rupert Neve modules.

Showplace Recording Studio has the advantage of a large live recording room that can accommodate large-scale recording and provides the option for numerous acoustical treatments. The spacious control room is acoustically treated to provide a perfect environment for recording, mixing and mastering.

The vocal/voice over booth provides perfect sound for ad copy or voice recordings. Various acoustical treatments including Recording Studio G – a stone area and 3 soundproof booths for isolating instruments and amplifiers allows the versatility to create an environment to meet your specific acoustical goals.

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